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Lighthouse Horticulture exists for advancing the strategic goals of growers, companies and industry groups.  

My vision is to establish Lighthouse Horticulture as a premier technical specialty and project management firm, delivering exceptional value to my clients' strategic goals. I aim to drive growth, innovation, and productivity advances in the horticultural industry by providing cutting-edge expertise and services that are highly sought-after.


With a Bachelor of Science (Agricultural Science), I enjoyed my honours year the most and did a project around sheep grazing on plantain. I then spent 8 years in the applied research and advisory field focused on crop protection. I started work the year the devastating disease Pseudomonas syringae actinidiae (Psa) was discovered in New Zealand and spent many years helping the industry through product development research and spray program design to tackle the devastating disease. In 2015 I presented my research at the International Symposium on Psa in Italy and in 2016 I was awarded a Syngenta Growth Award (Sustainability) for my contribution. Taking the science, applying it to a practical setting, and measuring the results, developed a passion for being involved on-farm and on-orchard, working with farmers and growers to get the science to work. This passion has resulted in the creation of Lighthouse Horticulture.


'Lighthouse' is a nod to that special group of growers who are the first to give new things a go and who grow and inspire industry-wide change.


I rarely operate alone and am passionate about bringing together the right people for each project. Lighthouse Horticulture creates strategic collaborations with other consultants, researchers and early adopters. I also utilise skilled casual/contract labour to ensure cost efficiency and timeliness of results to my clients. 

Values are important in business because they are crucial factors in building long-term relationships.

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INSIGHTFULNESS crucial as it enables one to discover hidden patterns, gain a deeper understanding of complex phenomena, and ultimately generate innovative and impactful insights.

THOROUGHNESS essential as it ensures that all aspects of a research project are carefully considered, accurately executed, and rigorously evaluated, leading to reliable and trustworthy results.


...supports the generation of ideas and brings depth and alignment on science and innovation projects.

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I'm part of a ‘kiwifruit family’. My husband also works in the kiwifruit industry as a technical and innovation manager. In our downtime you’ll find us with our three children out on the boat on Lake Tarawera (one of the Rotorua lakes), enjoying the outdoors.

Give me a call on 027-487-7125 or send an email and we can organise to meet online or for a coffee.
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