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Independent Specialty Research Services

At Lighthouse Horticulture, I take pride in offering a boutique research service that stands out from the rest. I am committed to providing high quality research with a personalised experience and work hard to see the objectives of my clients fulfilled.

Key Features:

  • Customised Solutions: I understand that no two research projects are the same. Work with me to develop fit for purpose research strategies and methodologies that align with your unique objectives.

  • Subject Matter Expertise: When you choose to work with Lighthouse Horticulture, you receive the full benefit of consultant-led research. I bring 12 years of knowledge and experience in the horticultural sector to the table.

  • End to End Project Management: From project inception to research extension, Lighthouse Horticulture can oversee all aspects of the research process, providing a comprehensive, one-stop-shop solution.

  • Data Driven Decision Making: Our services are designed to empower you with research findings that drive informed, data-backed decisions.

Benefits of Consultant-Led Research Services:

  • In-depth insights: Detailed and in-depth reports that provide a deeper understanding of the project.

  • Practical Recommendations: Our research goes beyond data collection; I provide practical recommendations for addressing your specific challenges.

  • Credibility: Consultant-led research projects are highly credible and trusted for their independence and quality.

  • One Stop Shop: End to end service from research services through to extension to growers and clients.


How it Normally Works:

While all projects and clients are different, most will follow a similar process:

  • Consultation/Discovery Call: It all begins with an initial discussion to understand your research requirements and overarching objectives.

  • Research Design: Typically a collaborative part of the process – we work together to develop an appropriate trial design and methodology.

  • Trial Management and Data Collection: Using a range of contract staff to ensure cost efficiency, we run the trial and collect the right data.  

  • Reporting and Extension: You receive a comprehensive research report with actionable insights, unique data visuals and recommendations. We work together on the implementation and extension requirements; as an experience public speaker I can provide this as part of the service, or I provide support to your own technical staff for them to implement.

Tayah Ryan has worked on a number of high-value projects for Southern Cross Horticulture over the past 4 years. She brings solid technical kiwifruit experience and has a natural flair for strategic thinking on complex projects. Tayah brings structure and attention to detail to anything she’s involved in – I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking this type of expertise.."

Andrew Dunstan, Director, Southern Cross Horticulture

Whatever project, problem, or goal you are trying to achieve, get me involved in the discussion. Let’s ensure we deliver the best possible outcome.

Phone me, Tayah, on 027-487-7125 or email to get Lighthouse Horticulture right behind you.
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